Daily quests unable to pick quests

Haven’t been able to participate in daily quests. Issues when trying to pick which quest. H@ve re-started and re-loaded game with no success.

I am having the same problem

Ich habe das selbe Problem

Welcome to the forum @Ellie_Macs
Have you reported this in the game under the help (submitted a ticket)
A short video may be able to prove your point and be uploaded there.
Good luck.

Don’t bother reporting. This happens to me daily with losing points, coins or club quests and nothing has been done. I have lost as many as 80,000 coins from the game freezing, crashing or having other issues and have reported almost every time but nothing has been done. Sometimes it happens a couple times a day but has been happening daily for almost 3 weeks. All they keep saying is there looking in to it. This has been going on for over 4 months and some of the things I’ve lost during game play, i have paid for but they haven’t reimbursed for any of it. If i could do more, is pass my time some other way but have some physical impairments that prevent me for doing much for long periods of time so this is what i do. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and restarted my phone and done everything i know to do but nothing works. The bugs are in the game so don’t waste time and money, best you can do is, play and deal or wait forever for them to get their heads on straight and fix the issues but i definitely wouldn’t hold my breath. Sorry for the rant but now that i know I’m not the only person, I’m angry because they don’t even acknowledge the complaints most of the time.

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Ki have had all the same issues. Now they say they will not be supporting older devices! So I should buy a new iPad to play this game! Not

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