Daily Quests not showing up

I have not been getting any daily quests for several days now. I tried uninstalling/installing the game, logging out of FB (it doesn’t even let me log off). At this point, I tried emailing the tri peaks support, but the email doesn’t show as an correct email recipient. What other ways can I contact them? And how can I fix this bug? Please help!

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Have u sent anything to them by going through the help menu on top left? If u need helpcdoing it that way let me know and I’ll walk u through, It’s pretty simple.


Yes I need some assistance. I don’t see a help menu in game using my android

Oh wait, I did hit the menu -> help then I clicked on contact us and also tried emailing them but I get a return message back saying this receipent email address is incorrect or does not accept emails

this is what I see when i hit the contact us button

Go to the above link and click the tripeaks square down below. It will let you send an email to gsnzendesk

Thank you, I have sent them an email. Hopefully they are able to resolve this bug

have u tried solitairetripeaksupport@gsn.com

Sorry, I Didn’t see that it looks like u alrwady got something going

I had that happen also. Click completely out if it. And then I wiped it out of the stuff you can get rid of when you close out the game. Then go back in and redo it. Should help

That email is incorrect. It is solitairetripeakssupport@gsn.com

That you for the correction

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