Daily quest totem pole?

I’m very confused by this. Today I finished all my daily quests, yet my totem pole was one spot short of filling and it gave me the hours til next daily quests. I came back on. Ow just to play and my totem pole was empty. Has anyone figured this out?

I believe this is in testing,
Was it by chance a glitch and they came back?
Or if not I’d send a help ticket to let them know it’s got a :bug: bug…
My totem is short one but Iv let a few quest expire so I expect this.

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I keep loosing totems too. Seems like it keeps going back to 2 spaces filled. I sent them a message

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Mine never came back, today I’m taking pictures to see what happems


My totem pole was glitching too: going from “claim” to expired, three different times. Help said they would pass it on to the game developers. After some prompting, they credited me 2 powerups.

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Awesome glad to hear

I’ve basically quit filing tickets due to the ‘bot’ answers, but did do one more today. As my totem randomly emptied despite finishing the quests

Sorry to hear it’s giving u a rough time, but keep in mind it’s just a trail run and reporting issues will help them get the bugs worked out.
I actually enjoy the rewards so hopefully they perfect it and I can take another whirl at it

I agree that it’s fun and heat, it’s a trial run, but I can’t be the only one having these ‘glitches’ and it’s not fun when you work towards something to have it disappear for no reason


I have enjoyed the power up game, but I also had a problem. One day, I completed two quests for two totems, and then, all of a sudden, those two totems disappeared and the pole went back to empty. From then on, I was two totems short of finishing the pole and obtaining the rewards. I reported it and they said that they would notify the developers, but it was very frustrating and they never gave me back those totems.

What is the totem pole? I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks

It’s part of the daily quests, technically as you finish a quest, it’s supposed to fill a spot on the totem pole (see my pics above). Bit for many of us, the filled spots disappear.

Right now only a few hours left to do it and use any power ups we have.

I don’t understand how the power ups work. It says I got some, but I don’t see how to activate them or what they do.