Daily Quest, Streak 3 Volcano Island

This is 2nd time I have not received credit for this quest. I had 111k coins now down to 60k. I have won every game on the island. It gives 0 credit then 1 credit then 0 credits 2 credits then 0 credits back to 1 credit then back to 0 credits. Please credit my account for this quest. Please remove this 24 hour quest that does not allow you move on to the next quest Thank you. [date=2018-10-15`


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Oh wow, that is so frustrating!! You should put in a help ticket from within the game. Click on menu in the top right corner of the game, then tap help.


Did you ever win 3 games in a row? The quest means win 3 in a row on Valcano Island without losing.


What @Swacha64 said you have to win the games in a row to be a steak to get the quest rewards, until you complete the quest by winning the games in row it will not move to the next quest

You have to decide if it is worth the risk of the coins used to win the quest or wait the 24 hours for it to expire

Good luck :blush: