Daily Player seeking new club. (45-50k)

Looking for a new club. 45k(sometimes more)/wk. Daily player

Hi Angela. We can use you at Tribe Tribute (Diamond). If you give me your player name I can friend you then invite you.

Angela please join Moonbeams- we are right up your alley!! Generous, helpful and fun all for only 40k + 3k before idle! Ask to join or message me!

Just saw your post and you would be perfect for our club we had been in platium league for like 3 months but went down this week as everyone had technical issues and not many could get points as usually. We ask for 30 k points + tributes around 200 ish and be daily player and sounds like you can do that easy. We all chat too and all love to play.
We are 2nd in gold league but will end up going up easy we get 1 to 6 perks easy and most times get the bonus one too lots of rewards too. Our club name is sonnynkelly easy to find any trouble finding always reply to post then we can add through friend list on game

Come join us tiki warriors…most of us have been playing awhile…started a new club

Hi come join our club! We are a fun, ambitious group of men and women from all over. We are like a family. We have 3 open spots. We always complete all 7 perks, and are consistent with the club quests as well. Blazin Tributes is my club name and my name is Jillary. We require 6k a day, 42k weekly. Mist if our players have been with for awhile and go above and beyond fir our club. We share tips and tricks too!!

Come join my club Blazin Tributes! You wont be sorry! We are a fun ambitious team and go above and beyond for our club. We want 6k daily and 42k weekly! My name is Jillary!

TexasT would like to invite you to join us. We are a fun active team. You will treated with Southern Hospitality.!
Blondie :palm_tree:

Hi Angela_David…Im leader of UnoPlayers n we r a newer team that does 5 chests a week n need another good player to help. Been getting players that doesnt wanna work on club standards n i think ud b a good fit. Want 3000 a day, 10 tribs n complete club quest. 24 hr idle w/o chat n let go from club. Love to have u n if not…perk on matey!!:grin: