Daily Player - No 'Before Idle' Rule?

I’m a daily player. I usually get between 20 and 25K per week. I log on multiple times throughout the day to collect and ask for coins. I don’t always do all of my playing at one time. I joined a club and got kicked out, I guess because I didn’t play enough before idle. I’m looking for a club where members unlock the daily gift (not sure if that’s the right word) and am hoping to consistently get 5 perks. Anyone have a club without ‘before idle’ requirements?

Hi, we have a few players who may not be staying. If you play a reasonable amount, willing to utilize the chat and read club notices we might be able to make room for you. Check us out the Pokémon Go x

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It seems you meet our club requirements. Please send a request to join 1st Ladies if you are not already committed to another club.

I am a Club Leader and my post was looking for teammates. Thank you for the offer though and I wish you all the best luck … And most importantly have fun :wink:

Come check out Best Club. …

We are a casual club that understands personal life is more important. Whenever you can’t play, just let us know. Our goals are: 6K by Sunday and 12K/150 tributes by Thursday.

Thanks for the invites guys but I am a club leader looking for players not to change teams.

Club Dis is perfect for you-no before idle requirements-play at your own pace and on your own time w 7k weekly minimum. And if you can’t, just communicate…we want a team , not a soldier…and 5 perks always, 6 perks often. Hope to meet you soon.

Come see us Gloria’s Club it was Z’s Club and it may not have changed yet. We all have busy lives so what you are doing is fine. Just get 5 Tributes daily.

Hi please check out Victoria’s pace as long as you play I don’t care about that other stuff. Thanks red

#pickled is a platinum level team with fun laid back dedicated players. 10000 week min 100 tributes… play quest and perks

@PAMomO4 Come join Perk 5 First… We fit what you are looking for.

@PAMomO4 hey I am a pa mom of 3. !!! You should join our team !!! Tater tots . We are the top team in the gold league named tater tots . Please search us . If you need to make sure we are the correct one my name is ig xo_cocoloco and I am the club leader . Some other team members are t-money Joshua and dorito .

Hi our team ‘Chill Island’ is looking for more active players, our idle rule is ‘removed after 3 days idle unless you notify us that you’re away, sick etc’. We chat, we’re friendly and I’d class our team as halfway between ambitious and casual :grin:
We also ask that players collect tributes and help finish club quests.

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Add me plz I’m still new to al of this

Sounds like tributes please is a good fit. We want players who play but understand that everyone can’t play 24/7. Give us a try.

You will fit like a glove with CHEEKY TIKI! Come on over!

Come Ck out our club…Just playing.