Daily player, need new club

Currently in a club that’s just been demoted and I feel like I’m one of the only active players, I’m the only one who unlocked the club gift etc.
I work full time and study but play daily and frequently. I’m from the UK so am on GMT

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Hi Emily20 Hula 24/7 is a platinum - diamond league. Check us out. We would love to have you on the team.

You can join my club, Tiki Jedis. We have several who play daily. We are looking for more player

CardCrusherClan is in stone looking for daily players no rules just dont sit idle for days

Laki luau is looking for a couple new members. We are a platinum club. 4000 daily min. Great people. A lot of fun. We just lost a few heavy hitting for family emergency and etc. we love to play and would love for u to join us.

Hi Emily! Platinum Club, Tiki Central is looking for you! Please join us!

If you haven’t found a club, check out Perkies. We have no rules but would love to get a couple more regular players so we can make our club private.

Hakuna ma’tiki, check us out. 35k min, will go back up to 40k weekly once were back at full strength

Hi Emily we also have spot, our rules are 4k and 25 tributes daily, no 20 hour idle , unless you’ve communicated before hand, look up Tipsy Tikis

Hi Emily we are a platinum team also from UK that bounces into diamond,a friendly team that majority of time gets all perks 30K a week&have rest weeks,Lafors Skimmer check us out

Hey Emily20 come check out Club Hope 2. We’re a club that cares about each other & gives Grace when life gets full. We want players who play daily & do their best.

TexasT would be happy to have you. I’m Blondie the Leader. We are active Daily players and have fun doing it. We have maintained a Platinum status. You will be treated with Southern Hospitality.

Hi Emily, please consider Flippy’s Island. We ask for 25k a week. Great group!

Very Caring and Friendly Team
Hey there ! My team, Fun Club is looking for 2 new members. we’re a Platinum league team and we always get the 6 perks. Our requirements are 25,000 points weekly, no 24 hours idle unless you’ve let a leader know you’re having problems , participate in club quests, and game chat. We understand that life happens, but we ask to be notified if a player is unable to play. Come Check Us Out. There’s several teams called Fun Club, so please look for our Leader’s name, Kez, and coleaders Dianna and Angel, in our team’s lineup.

Still looking for a player. Come join DIRTY DUCKS. We’re not dirty, but we’re fun, competitive, friendly and supportive.

Come join us at Tiki Tumblers. We are trying to finish building a strong team.

We are justMe. We need two players. We have so much fun. No stress. We get all 6 perks every week. We get the special when it’s not crazy big. We are platinum. justMe.

You can join our team Tiki Seekers of you still are looking for a team

#pickled is currently looking for 2 players

Hi Emily,

Please look at Tiki wiki. We are a gold club that occasionally gets platinum, completes 4-6 perks, 1,2,3,6,4,5 perk order. No rules as yet, just ask that you play regularly and let us know if you will not be playing for a while. Would like someone wo does 20k+ points per week.

Palaupete@gmail.com for questions.