Daily Minimums for clubbies

I want to understand how some clubs do so well. When you request 10,000/day points, does that mean you are all buying coins as well to keep up with this minimum?

I can do 10.000 a day if I want to, but it takes a lot of work and time. Certainly wouldn’t like to play that way every day


I could get 10,000 per day if I didn’t work, lol. But I worked hard to get my coins and boosters to a point where I never had to buy anything. I do buy gifts when they are doubled. But all is very doable. :slight_smile:


My club has a 10k daily minimum but we don’t buy coins for it. When I buy constant tribute rounds I can do about 7k in 1 hour. If you can find yourself a decent level with a good payout the numbers can add up quick.
We have a club full of high active members who like to play that way (not 24/7) and like the competition but we don’t give pressure to reach a certain rank. It’s just a goal to play for and we just see where we end up.


I agree 10,000 can be easily reached