Daily Gifts when can we use, why can we not pick to save for later

I think it would be a good idea if we can choose when to use Daily Gifts eg when it’s 30mins Free Play/30mins free MoCards we should be able to pick when to use…


TOTALLY AGREE! Am loving the forum now getting more used to it, wish we had a direct link on the game menu though but I agree on us not only being able to choose when to use our goodies BUT also if we could see what exactly we have! It would give more strategy to play with and I’ve seen this issue and commented many times and seeing as we now all should be able to see that Solitaire Tripeaks IS listening to us and are super busy but I DO after all these years playing see this in our future, as we have learned this year more than any other the game has our best interests and enjoyment in mind at all times as well as dealing with all kinds of problems that they have an overflowing plate BUT they’re getting to it lol as the game continues to improves as we play on and it’s easy to see now that our suggestions are definitely being taken into consideration!
All aside thought I think this suggestion is a great one and possibly an easy one to incorporate with the best game makers EVER! Happy Tripeaking wonderful players and thanks for listening!
Oh yes a small p.s…a further explanation of the hold card and when it can be gotten and especially PLEASE MORE ABOUT THE 30 minute free playing time and we should be able to press when to begin or even a notification of it starting my first time I had no clue n watched my ads and collected bf beginning to play thinking I would know somehow it was going on, this would be a great topic for help section, tips tricks and strategies category!


Thanks Cindy lu! The addressed topic WAS my greatest need of help n I’ve researched n picked the brains of other more experienced players than myself and have answered all the questions I had now lol! Paying forward our knowledge from longer experience to newer or less informed players is a very useful thing in the game and only builds for a better foundation of “not lost at the beginning and making mistakes through the game life” players sooooo, I suggest to anyone starting to play with ANY questions to seek out the knowledge of how players play n succeed n start with knowledge and I suggest ppl who know these things, like this favorite part of the forum for me, to share what they know as ALL of things we encounter could never be explained in the help section of the game as that’s simply basic knowledge of what things r n how they work whereas players can build quite the collection of knowledge in this forum area and I think everyone should come here bf trying to play blindly and even if ur not at a point of what ur reading you will have the knowledge for when you need it! And I didn’t think it was there but am super happy that we have a connection to this forum straight from the game :blush: