Daily collection that comes up automatically.

Often in the morning I have only enough time to play 5 games and collect the daily stuff. When I get the 30 minutes of free play or 30 minutes of Momo cards it is a struggle to play right away. I try to look ahead so if I don’t have time then I don’t get on in the morning. Which then doesn’t allow me to collect any coins etc until I have time. That is very frustrating. If you could somehow lay us hold them like when we’re earn them playing a quest that would be great. I really appreciate these prize but I can’t be late for work.


Also, it would be nice to see the next reward in the inbox so you can be aware of what is coming up.

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Completely agree!!! I usually play my game in bed until I get tired and I usually go to bed around 12-12:3O so if it pops up I feel like I have to play and frequently fall asleep trying!


I so agree. I collect coins in the morning, but don’t have time to play. If we could see at anytime what was coming the next day, that would be very helpful.

Agreed!! I rarely get 5 or 6 games as well!