Daily club rewards issue

Hi all. It’s few minutes after 00:00 my daily club rewards aren’t ready for collection. Is anyone else having that problem?


Me seems daily it shows then its gone

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Yes! I did have that happen and I went straight into a panic.send a ticket in, but be patient, with all the Facebook issues it could take longer to respond. My daily bonus did not appear, it was supposed to be 30 minutes of free play. 24 hours later, nothing, I was freaking because I was afraid it would reset me back to day 1! But the next day when daily rewards were available, there it was, I was thankful and played out my 30 minutes, than half way through the day the reward I was supposed to get popped up, so all was good.


Lucky you, I only got 24 min of the 30. Sent in ticket, was told that it didn’t happen!

I did experience lag and glitches but I did my best to get as many free coins as I could in that time, I was just happy that it came through!