Daily bonuses- why does it matter what time I collect?

I am in the UK so generally on a Friday when the new week starts i am asleep.
I have noticed if i collect the daily bonus between midnight and the change over (think it is 5am for me) i get everything earned from completing the perks. BUT if i am asleep and dont wake until after the new perk week has started, i only get 1k!
Why??? Surely i earnt the perk bonuses regardless of when i collect them

I have never heard of this issue. Have you sent in a support ticket? I would do that ASAP. You should get your earned perks whenever.

I would say since the new perk week started and no perks have been won as of yet that is why you are only getting the 1000 coins. I am in the US and if I don’t collect my daily bonus before 11:00p.m on Thursday I lose what has been earned. I would maybe collect your bonus before going to sleep that way you be sure and get the full benefit.


Thanks @Dragonfly. I totally misread the message. I was thinking she did not get her perks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure if that is the solution but hope it helps them :).

Thanks. But i dont get daily the daily bonus until midnight as i am in the uk. By this time i am usually asleep. If i wake between midnight and 5am and collect the daily bonus i will get everything but if i wake after 5am i will only get the 1k as if no perks had been won

I’m in the UK and mine does the same. Also why do we pay same as USA for wilds, gifts, coins etc, never here af the exchange rate?!!