Daily Bonus Cards

Ok … can we keep our daily bonus cards that we get on our rewards … more then 1 is what I’m asking

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Hi @MeNU, are you asking if we can keep the daily bonus reward prizes we get? Like, if we get a shark hook, can we keep the shark hook?

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No I know how we daily reset every night well in our rewards box we get Daily Bonus I think from perks that we have completed well if u dont open it will we still have that one n the next daily

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Oh, ok, I get it! Thanks for the clarification @MeNU! You have to open before midnight, because there will only be 1 to open in your inbox at a time.

The timing on when you open it can make a difference though. I’m going to hit reply on this now, then go find the tip on that and post the link to the tip here (and hopefully my battery doesn’t die first, because it’s close ack lol)

Ok, here’s the link:
Player Hints and Tips: Collecting Daily Bonus/Daily Club Bonus


Off subject but for a member that is on Ship Wreck Shores n someone on Monkey falls the game is going to be very different … Im fairly new to the club aspect but I went n checked things out on members game profile n it seems the level of game is very different as in coins points n levels … I’ve heard where people dint go past ship wreck … which I think is crazy … point is to advance right …


I had often wondered about this! Not sure why have never tried it before, lol.

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