Cyber Bullying.. it’s a game. No one should suffer, ever!

Cyber bullying - Please read:

There are so many articles on cyber bullying on line that it’s been very difficult to write this for all of you. Since many of these articles are written by experts, lawyers, law enforcement & help sites… we thought we’d use some clips from them to bring awareness that cyber bullying has infiltrated our game.

No one should have to deal with cyber bullying. There’s no excuse for this type of treatment to leaders, CO’s & teammates because you don’t like something that was said or you were cut from a team. There are so many other teams, just go find another one & move on. Plus thinking that bringing in your friends to help you harass someone is funny, it isn’t & it makes them just as guilty as you & makes the person you’re harassing feel even worse. Many cases of cyber bullying have resulting in people thinking suicide as their only way out. That’s not the case anymore. There are laws now.

If you or someone you know is currently in danger from cyberbullying, harassment, or stalking, call 911, your local law enforcement officials. You can also report it to the social media sites, each one has a form you can fill out. DON’T WAIT! Put them in jail!


My message to all Solitaire Gamers is keep a positive attitude and try to make those around you have fun, this is a game and meant to be Fun yes there is a competition aspect but your team mates are just that mates ; ) We have had our share of bitter players but as a Team have weeded them out by communicating and addressing the issue. Most of all be confident and enjoy the game even if they make it a little more difficult ; )


Thank you for sharing this valuable information :heart:


Cyber bullying, huh. Yeah, let’s just put everyone in jail. Don’t even consider handling anything yourself. Exactly how helpless are people nowadays? If the leaders aren’t addressing the problem, as they should as leaders, GO TO ANOTHER TEAM! There are thousands. And with what’s going on in this country now, there may not be any police TO arrest. What are you helpless people going to do then? Hmm? I don’t believe in a nanny state. People used to take care of most of their own problems. Even with police, there just aren’t enough for all the pandering out there. Common sense is dead. We have murderers, rapists and child abductors out there, and you can’t handle what someone says in chat?! Find a psychiatrist, quick.

Give peace a chance-John Lennon :v::revolving_hearts::hugs:


That was a pretty insensitive reply. Many people need to remember the old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” This applies to in person as well as online. I hope you have a nice day.