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I hope this will get someones attention that can explain this to me.
I placed 1st on the Gold leader board, which was supposed to collect 50k. I provided a screenshot of what I actually collected. 18,300 in coins, 2 free plays and 17 gems. No gold box. Considerably less than 50k.
Here is the response I received. I am so tired of getting ripped off! I have emailed about a free coin link that didn’t work almost a month ago and have no reply. I didn’t receive a daily club chest (and can’t prove it) so it was not credited. But this time I provided a screenshot and got this reply!

Armani (Solitaire TriPeaks)
Apr 3, 7:32 PM PDT
Hi Sandra,

We had a thorough check on the records. We have already provided the logs for your leaderboard challenge in the previous response. You have successfully collected 50k coins and the GoldBox.


I have difficulty with customer support also. This week, all of my players were on Perk 4 and that worked initially. Than all of a sudden, everyone got switched to Perk 5 (even though we showed everyone on Perk 4). So we had to finish Perk 5 before we could finish Perk 4. Perk 4 had a wild card and a red start, and we wanted that reward. We did finish both in the same day, so that ended up not being an issue. But I complained about how the perks were working, and I received a response that I received my rewards. (I did complain before we finished Perk 5 and 4, so I was concerned my team wouldn’t get their Perk 4 rewards) but the bigger issue is that we don’t want to do this again next week. That was totally ignored. This is a constant. They give us pat answers and don’t deal with the questions asked.


Yes, I actually emailed them also in regards to credits going to the wrong perk. The response I recieved is that there are players on 2 perks. I replied telling them to check the day the ticket was sent in. We were on perk 4 and credit went to perk 5, and he was looking at the wrong day of logs. I did get a reply that it was understood.

The 2 free plays and your gems is what your gold box contained. How it works now is once you go to collect your red star reward, if it was 50 000 it gets added to your coin balance immediately, than the extra bonuses open right after which is your chest. The chests from the red star bonus is no longer sent to your inbox anymore


I wish that is what happened. I didn’t get the 50k in coins added to my balance.

Bummer. Sometimes doing a 2nd ticket will possibly resolve this. Going forward take a screen shot before collecting and after collecting may be another option


I 100% absolutely agree! I have emailed about SPECIFIC issues and gotten an automated response, not resolving MY issue at all. I emailed about how I cannot get past Level 541, yet I can “see” my teammate is way ahead of me on what they claim is future levels…how is THAT possible. So I just re-sent another email with a screenshot of this. Bet I get yet another automated response…

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You just have to wait for new levels to open up, as new levels are developed they are released

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I am so tired of spending more time witj customer support than I am playing the game. First I haven’t been a le to collect the total of 60,000 coins daily. I may get 45,000, or 3,000. I have sent screen shots of b4 I collected and after I collected showing the difference and I get a log from them showing it was awarded to my account. I don’t care of they send me 10 million coinsvwhat good r they if I can’t collect. Tjis hss been a daily thing. Well today, I can’t colkect anything. What more can a person do when u know u arn’t getting something and they say u t? I have told them, yes u r getting it my inbox, up until today, but I can’t collect. Their response is it is being given to me. I always get Armani but it probably doesn’t matter who it is in suppott. Any sugestions would be appreciated because screen shots don’t work and them, more or less, calling me a liar and me trying to explain my problem isn’t working. They owe me over 200,000 coins over the past srveral days. I APPOLOGIZE FOR THE TYPOS

I’ve flagged the post… hoping to get some answers! Keeping my fingerd crossed!

Thank you so much tracy. I will appreciate any help you can send my way… What I’ve tried sure hasn’t helped at all.

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Tracy, I apologize for taking so long getting back to u with the outcome of my problem but honestly I had forgotten where in the forum this was mentioned and have to honestly admit I didn’t look hard enough. Anyway, the problem has been corrected. I don’t know if it was due to you flagging or not but, it had to have helped. It took a little while longer of back and forth between support and myself and a little more aggravation but,it was taken car of in a professional manner and I have had no further problems with the game. I want to si cerely thank you for your help, not only for me but others as well. You are definitely an asset to the players. Thank you.


I always thought when collecting the 60k that when the clock was timed out in asking for help I could ask AND receive again now a cpl of times or more I’m allowed to ask for help after maxing the precious help of 60k and again now I ask have gotten them sent from friends but it’s still saying u can only collect 20 helps a day so does this mean I now have to wait until I collected my last reception from a friend? Always when the clock rolled over I could collect and receive again so I don’t understand why I’m starting today now and it’s still saying u can only collect 20 helps per day…doesn’t it make sense that if my clock has run out n I’d been stopped after my 20 helps that I should be able to ask and get another 20 now again?

Once again I have missed out on 52,000 coins from the red leaderboard.

even after sending them these two pictures, they insist I collected it. A picture is worth a thousand words, everywhere except in TriPeaks.

Oh No!! I know it’s a pain, but send that ticket again, sometimes persisting is key, I have heard and known of fellow players that had discrepancies and eventually got the pay out


Also, a screenshot before you hit collect would be helpful, because as soon as the leaderboard 52,500 box pops up, the coins start going to your bank.

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Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Well that’s just Too Much, Do you want to know what? I don’t even mess with Support any more only because they are Worthless, and don’t even Care about anyone but themselves and how much they are getting paid to do what they don’t do!! I have Not contacted them in over a year and a half now, only because the first time I contacted them it took them At least 2 weeks before I got a response!! And then I think I only got 1/2 of what was owed to me!! Like I said before They Are Worthless! I wish I would of kept A list of Everything I’ve lost Since Last Month!! But, that’s besides the point that I’m trying to make here, the point That I’m trying to make IS!! I JUST don’t Waste my time with them any more, because it’s waste of my TIME!! And Heartache! And by heart-
Ache, I mean i just have to get Over whatever I’ve lost and leave it AT THAT!!

I HOPE that made some sense? Only because it makes me Sooo G D MAD when people Whine and Complain about All the Stuff that they HAVE LOST, when I’ve lost over 250k in coins, wilds, gems volcanos, and boosters, in the chests that I NEVER GOT!! Not to mention the Thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on Club Gifts, coins, and that list goes on and ON!! So Pretty PLEASE, EVERY SINGLE ONE WHO TAKES THE TIME TO READ THIS PLEASE QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND GET OVER IT!! BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE!! End of Story!! :rage::rage::rage::astonished::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::persevere::frowning:️:rage::rage:

The same thing is happening to me. I am on day 11 of not getting my 60k coins a day from friends. Support is ridiculous. They say I received them and I absolutely did not. It gets old arguing with them. I can’t hardly play because of not getting the 60k