Customer Service Letting Me Down!!!

I still havent receive my 7 perk end chests. Myclub (Our House) finished as rank 100 and completed all 7 perks. When I clicked on perk celebration, i got a window saying an unknown error occurred. Closed that box and went back into my inbox and there were NO CHESTS. Should have gotten 3 wood chests, 2 gold chests, 1 Ancient Chest, and one Special Chest for perk 7. Please fix this issue and reimburse me my rewards. I bought 3 extra gift boxes this weeks as well as boosters. I spend real money in this game and need to receive the rewards that I’ve earned. I’ve emailed customer service twice, posted on Facebook and still no chests. I did get an email saying my conplaints were merged and ticket closed…how can they close the ticket when the problem has not been resolved?
Any suggestions on how to get the rewards/chests that I have earned?

Yes, open another ticket. You definitely are entitled to your perks. I’m sorry this happened! I have also private messaged you about this post that is a duplicate. Please check your inox!

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