Curiously STRANGE!

Wonder why it is when you tap on the jelly fish in the ocean in the island games it looks like your breaking the water & did you know that when you tap on the whale it blows water out? Can’t find anything in the skies games that is strange … yet!


Thank you for noticing and sharing the curious tip. I had not thought to explore the surrounding too much .

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If you tap the blow fish in Tiki Seas you get 10 coins.


Thank you very much for the tip🤗

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In Skies, some games have penguins floating up with parachutes. If you click on them you get 3 points each. But be careful with clicking those or the blowfish in seas, or you could wind up clicking something you didn’t want, like extra cards or the backup card.

Also in Skies, you can click on the barrels till they explode or on the canons on the ship in Plunder Bay…but they give you nothing. They just explode.


Well I will be…thanks! See ya never know what you’ll find out if ya don’t ask!! Haha! Cool!

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Awesome! Haha! I am glad I asked…ya never know what the creator’s of a game will add into it as an extra perk if you dont goof around!


Thanks for sharing!! Any other mysterious items to click on??

I did figure this out and the blowfish. I’ve been trying all kinds of things after that but haven’t found anything else yet.