Curious about Something

Does anybody have any idea how often TriPeaks has been asked to change the last hour of quests to the whole club being able to finish it?


It’s been requested quite a bit. If I had a choice I would prefer to get the 2nd row of check boxes for maxing out, next to the gift box unlock.


I’ve seen mny suggestions in this forum but problem is few of us hv made that suggesting thru Support forum. It’s disappointing when so mny of us go “broke” to max & come so close just to lose out on a perk coz someone didn’t hv enuf coins and/or time to get back & finish doing their part. Especially hard now that so mny players are being sidelined with real-world issues, cutting dwn drastically on time spent in virtual world.


Several times but I don’t think the game really cares


I’ve sent the suggestion to support but like MikeSnyder said, the folks of the game don’t care.

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I’ve often felt it wz pointless to send issue report but I do it coz others say just keep sending them reports. After all, the squeaky wheel eventually gets greased.


Our team still has some players still only getting 1000 coins in friend coin share???

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Yep a player on my team is that way also

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Instead of all these cosmetic changes how about they deal with real issues we are all having and have complained about continuously…ie still have players only getting 1000 coins per person in coin share :frowning:


From menu, help, then contact, I had a player complain to them This morning about only 1000 coins/friend and it just now got changed. I have been sending complaints that way as well, guess they finally fixed one persons…so far.


I opened my game the other day and it reset to another of my facebook profiles, I lost everything. My profile is still there but I cannot access it, I started again. My club is at gold level and I am only on level four because I can’t seem to move up, as one of our goals is to play tributes. I have hardly any coins and I also now only get 1000 on coin requests, I thought it was because I am now on a lower level. I have written to them but that was a few days ago, haven’t heard anything back and not expecting to.
if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Based on what has been said in this thread I am going to complain about the 1000, and hopefully they will put me back to 3000


I’m only getting 1k coins too!! I guess they are aware of the issue?