CrazyEscape2.0 is looking for daily players

“CrazyEscape2.0” is a brand new club that was started on 14 May 2020 as a subgroup of the top 15 Legend Club “Crazy Escape”.

The purpose of our club is twofold:

  1. We are looking for players who wish to be part of the top legend club (6k before first idle, 17k first 24h, 50k Sunday, 95k week) but want to get a taste of what it’s like and prove themselves with us first.
  2. We are looking for players to join our lower requirements team who do not have the time to dedicate to 95k each week. Our 2.0 requirements are as follows:
  • Say hello in the chat upon joining.
  • Earn 4k before first idle. Note: this is non-negotiable: however, we do believe in second chances if something unforeseen happens and you are removed for being idle. Communicate please.
  • Earn 10k within 24 hrs of reset or within 24 hrs of joining.
  • Earn 60k per week
  • Collect 200 tributes per week
  • No Guest
  • No more than 18 hrs idle without notice
  • Cool the volcano as a team when the level reaches half way and communicate that you are “on it” in the chat.

We are currently holding 5th place in the Rookie League with only 5 members… we are going to move up to Platinum league quickly.

Come join us!

We ended up in 4th place this week with only 5 active players. We are currently in FIRST PLACE in the Wood league with only seven players.

Come join us and say Hello upon joining!