Crazy Cats: Looking for a few good "cats."

Hey Everyone. I started this club 3 years ago and we have been a high performing club that gets all the regular perks each round. I named the club such, because I run a cat sanctuary/rescue for cats with medical or behavioral issues. Our sanctuary provides rewarding lives for those who find themselves less adoptable - Crazy Cats.

We have a good core group of around 18-20 who have been with the club for a long time and are consistent players. However, we are finding it difficult to fill up the remaining 1 -2 positions with players that meet our requirements. We go up and down between Platinum and Diamond League.

Requirements for our club: Daily play (That doesn’t mean logging in to collect your club bonus and not playing), New members need to start with 2000 club points upon entry to the club, Players have 10K points by Monday afternoon and 25K points by end of round. This is the minimum. We welcome those who want to do more.

Part of having a happy and consistent club is working on the perks together as well as the Club Quests. The reason some of our members left was because several people were not helping with CQs and we were losing them 1 out of 3 times. So we are looking for members who participate as a team member.

Chat is optional. We have some members who really enjoy chatting and others who don’t and we are totally good either way. We just request that you read the chat or club notes in case there is a change in “game plan” at tackling perks.

If you plan to be away for more than 24 hours, we request that you give us notices so we can put it in the club notes that you are away. Idle players are removed and replaced if no notice is given.

Our club is in the Platinum or Gold league and move back and forth between the two. Please send a request to join if we are “Invite Only.” We are usually “Public” on the first day at the start of the beginning of a round when there are open slots. We then close it to Invite only to avoid the “Perk Pirates” who just joining up for a second to collected the daily bonus of perks from our hard work.

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We have 3 open slots at this time.

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New account due to new phone. Original account from old phone is still active and with another club. I am a good player and would definitely be able to meet requirements.

Please send a request to join “Crazy Cats”