Crappy payouts on expert levels

The 600+ expert levels have garbage payouts. They’re incredibly difficult to beat, which would be fun if they were worth it! The previous expert levels were amazing for coins and club points if you won. What happened???


Agree! And how much is a gem really worth?

So by my calculations a gem is 500.75
Per Pele’s Peak a gold chest is worth 15,000-30,000 in awards.
If you go to the gift shop to get a gold chest it costs 350 gems!
So again, how much is the value of a gem??? I’d rather have a gold chest then 16 gems!!!



Totally agree! My team was finally able to complete the 5th perk. We make the 4th perk by 2nd or 3rd day into every challenge! I was so disappointed with the payout for a gold chest valued at 15k-30k. Especially since you don’t have the option to choose when you want to play a free play! Granted we did win just over 15k plus a free play. However, after all the hard work the 20 of us did to achieve the 5th perk, we were let down. Surely gave us no incentive to want to push forward. The 5th perk is difficult to obtaining. And TriPeaks won’t officially say what it takes to complete each perk level. However, I did find an unofficial guideline. Idk how true it is since there’s no way to truly calculate points. I’ve tried by comparing my team’s club vs. other club’s and how perks they have by how many we have and it doesn’t add up.

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Thank you so much for this! It’s added a new level of challenge for me.

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