Cozy Cottage awaits daily players

With covid-19, wild fires and hurricanes we have lost a lot of members.
Rules are 4k per day 400 tributes per week. no 24 idle.
must complete club quests.
If this sounds easy to you come join our friendly group.
If it sounds too hard find the club with the rules that best suit your style of play.
Cozy Cottage awaits…

Good morning:
I am a team of 4 where we are looking to move to another team after reset on Thursday. All 4 of us are strong players and play hard. If you think you are going to have 4 spots open this week can you let me know?

Looking for people to join our little family… no drama, just looking for likeminded individuals. We are currently rebuilding our team and we are at the bottom of the platinum league. Minimum is 3k a day and idle 14 hour max however we understand that life gets in the way. Must chat and complete club quests. We have room for 15 players. If your interested in finding our more about us please contact me :slight_smile: