The COWBOYS , a Platinum -former Diamond team, is looking for daily players who love the game, play daily, make the required CLUB quests, 25K per week, 1K before idle, and minimum # of tributes. Reach out if you’re interested in an established team with loyal members. COWBOYS- PLATINUM- (Jen-leader, Carrie-co-leader, Jae-co-leader).

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I’m a daily player whom averages around 40k or more a week. Tell me how to join your club please.

Hey. I apologize for the delayed response. There are so many platforms that we use. If you are still interested, we’d love to give you a shot at the restart. We are gold now, but moving back to Platinum. We were diamond, but right now, we’re rebuilding the team. We are the COWBOYS (gold) Jen - leader.