country fun is searching for new recruits

club, country fun, is looking for players that are ambitious and that will follow the rules… We are a laid back club that wants to have fun but also know life can get in the way and when it does ya only have to stay in contact and let us know that you will be away… This is just a game but we all want to have fun and get higher up in the game as well… Anyone interested come check us out… Thank you, Kimberly

I am a co leader but I can’t get my club to click on club gift box. I play every day but one club I was in kicked me out when my sister had a stroke

I play 3 or 4 times a day. The club I’m in now just refused to click on the club gift box. We just lost our leader because they hadn’t played in 14 days… Out of 25 players only 4 or 5 actually play so I’m looking for a club that enjoys the game.