Costs too much.

Takes too many coins to play and game is giving less rewards. It should not cost more than 20k coins to play a spot. We are getting less ads for free coins after receiving the wild card as well. The pop up words after a win take up time and Rob us of the time reward. Can these be fixed? I am having to go to app and do a force stop to receive rewards or fix malfunction on the game.


I submitted a ticket because I can’t tap the cards under those pop-up words at the end, like we can throughout the rest of the game.

You should too. There is power in numbers! Lol


I also submitted a ticket and was told it was slow internet but know that is not true since we had this checked recently with our provider.


I totally agree! I just don’t play those challenges like “leafs”. I’ll play the others that you’re trying to win suits or something. I’m getting closer to overcoming my addiction to this game.


I have literally spent several hundreds of dollars on this game! It takes too many coins just to play a game and you will most likely loose the game unless you have bought a lot of wilds or volcanoes! And 6k for a booster is also ridiculous! I play this game to keep my mind sharp but I can’t afford it. And waiting 20 minutes for free coins is way too much time. Who has time to sit around for 20 minutes?? I may have to stop playing and delete the app.


I totally agree. Spend alot money and u get very few rewards.

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Me too about over this stupid game!!