Coral coastline

Why can’t I go beyond level 45.

That seems odd. That’s level 45 on Volcano Beach, right? Are you just not winning the level, so can’t go any further? Or, are you winning it, but the next level is not unlocking?

On coral coastline. Very last level Tiki paradise. Coral coastline

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Oh, ok. I’m not that far. I work the tributes more than completing levels, but I understand there are only so many levels, and they occasionally add new ones.

Does anybody else know if level 45 on Tiki paradise, Coral coastline is the last one available so far?

The levels released stop there. That is where I am blocked. I can see levels past this but I’m blocked. Give it a few weeks and they will release new levels.


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IAM on Jungle Jamboree
I slowed down. The high higher you go the harder it is. Especially for doing the SCAVANGER Hunt’s. I use to be in hurry to get them done. But I don’t now

Yes it is Because I am on now

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