Coral Coastline play

I’m up to level 105 in Tiki Paradise, Coral Coastline but have hit a road block. Does anyone know how I remove the road block so I can continue with the rest of the available levels on this island? I am up to level 176 on the expert levels so not sure if I need to complete a certain number of these in order for the road block to be removed or if the expert levels are totally separate to Tiki Paradise. These are the only two worlds/sections left that I haven’t completed yet. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks Lisa x

Pretty sure it is the same as the other level where it is blocked for about two weeks. And then you can continue. You are talking about the big old hammer ,Right??
If so then it will be removed…
I’m on that level but it’s kinda hard, so I’m taking my time with it. So the hammer is way way ahead of me. Lol
I use to get it in the other level all the time and get mad because I had to wait two weeks for it to be removed. But I don’t have that problem now…lol
Hope I helped you out.

Hi Princess48. Thanks for your reply. It’s the circular shaped thing that looks like a baseball mitt with two firey horns coming out that’s the road block lol. I guess I’ll continue with the expert levels then until it’s removed. It’s frustrating when you can see further levels but the game doesn’t let you move into them. Thanks for your help xx

And yes I’ve just zoomed into my picture and seen the hammer. I’d never noticed that before. Thanks again xx

Ha ha I just call it the hammer. Because it looks like a hammer. And when I see it I think if the song hammer time. And it makes me wanna dance…lol
But it’s annoying. And I never got poi once in Coral Coast. Aka Paradise. I wonder why I have not seen him on that level. I will definitely be going over a d asking Tripeaks again bout that… never really gave me a good answer