Continual crashes

I play on 2 different Kindles & an Iphone… the crashes are ridiculous! I’ve cleared caches, I’ve forced quit… anyone have any other ideas other than just giving up completely? I’m loathe to do that - I’ve been playing for several years & it’s my favorite solitaire game so would hate to give it up…

I’ve been shut out since Monday. A teammate sent 2 emails to tech support and they haven’t responded. I’ve done everything I could think of but nothing has worked. I’m really aggravated, I understand crap happens but after 4 days & 2 emails I have zero faith its going to get fixed. In the mean time i’m not getting free coins every 4 hours, my daily log in streak gets reset, I’ll end up going to gold in red star, not to mention the 110K I usually get for double red star, no daily club bonus.
So if my game isn’t restored by tomorrow, I’m deleting it totally and won’t look back.