Contest Closed A Day Early!!

So I went to submit my photo of the treat I worked hard on and it states “Closed 14 Hours Ago” BUT yesterday I double-checked the date and have included the picture that states “and ends at 9:00 PM Pacific (Midnight Eastern) on May 1, 2020”. Today IS May 1, 2020!


Me too
Cuz I checked yesterday to and figured I’m good til tomorrow

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Well here’s my 2 contributions
My Poi and Tiki I carved out of wood and put them on a mountain back drop that my spouse was nice enough to help me build
And the 2nd are the icing Poi and Tiki that we’re to go on the cupcakes but since it closed early I won’t bother :pensive:

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I thought I had until tonight too since rules clearly state that!! :frowning:

Spam Macaroni and Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole with Pineapple and Banana and Poi Pizza (Spam and pineapple)

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Very disappointed. Contest wasn’t supposed to end until tonight.


Wo kann man sehen, wer gewinnt?

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I also made a volcano lava cake but I already ate it when I saw thee contest was closed. It was the BOMB


So in the Official Rules it reads that the ‘judging will be conducted by the Sponsor BY May 8, 2020’. Does anyone know how to bring this major faux pas to the attention of the proper Promotion Entities?

Don’t know if will do any good, but I sent a feedback message to them last night. Go to menu, help in the game and there’s a contact us button at the bottom of the page.


Hi folks - this is totally my fault… I’m an idiot who thought it closed at midnight on the 1st, not at 11:59:59PM… I’m going to reopen the categories until Tuesday at noon Pacific (3:00PM Eastern/7:00PM GMT), so please do go ahead and submit there. If the submissions within this thread don’t appear in the soon-to-be reopened catagories, I’ll resubmit them myself in case anyone misses this post.

VERY SORRY about that.



@Scataplexy, @amandalea669, @Smidgy, if you tell me which category your submission falls under, I can move, and edit your post for you to include just your pictures.

Smidgy, I can tell yours was intended for Kitchen Masterpiece, right?

Scataplexy, is that the same category for you? Kitchen Masterpiece?

amandalea669, looks like you want to submit to 2 different categories? Finish those cupcakes and submit that entry. If you want I can edit your post (leaving just the super cute display) and move it whichever category you intended.

@lmiller55, you now have until noon on Tuesday, please submit your entry!

Potenzielle Gewinner werden anhand der Kontaktinformationen benachrichtigt, die im Zusammenhang mit dem Konto des potenziellen Gewinners angegeben wurden.

@Debra_Petersen-Daley, can you make another volcano lava cake? :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Instead of making another volcano lava cake, I drew a picture for ‘Ode to my Club’. Definitely not as cool as the cake, but I don’t have all the ingredients to make another and I’m quarantining now so I can go see mom on Mothersday. She’s high risk so I won’t be shopping 14 days before I see her. Not worth the risk. Love MOM. I already posted it. Thanks for opening it up again.


Yes @GracieLynn my Tiki Turds (haha!) belong in the Kitchen Masterpiece category. Thank You so much for helping us out!


Tiki-Tahd you are not an idiot for thinking it closed at midnight on the 1st…you are an idiot for closing submissions at midnight on April 30th…lol…I’m just jerking your chain!

I really appreciate you recognizing and acknowledging your error and providing the extension, not all businesses would! :relaxed:


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@Scataplexy, LOVE your Tiki Turds, and your masterpiece is now in the kitchen (topic)! Lol


Thank you and I shall re submit tonight

I actually have a few that I’d like to submit so I thank you for re opening it. So you don’t need to move mine I will take a better pic and put it in the proper categories

And I just want to make sure we are on the same page this time

Closes at midnight tonight???

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See already screwed it up… NOON TOMORROW TUES RIGHT?

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