Contacting a team member directly in game

Would be great to be able to directly contact teammates in the game but not in chat. Not everyone wants to share their facebook but there are times when conversation does not belong on the club chat


I agree @JuDGe, that’s been on my wish list for a long time!


This is a great idea. I am a Co-leader in Elites and our Leader has been missing in action for 33 days, no way to get in touch with him/her as the Leader told us that he/she doesn’t have Facebook. It would also be nice if Tripeaks had a way to get in touch with Leaders. I have reached out to support, but have received no response from them.

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There is an app called “Line App” that was design for gamers to chat outside the game. I believe it was developed for both private conversations and for extended sentences without character limitations. We use it to make decisions about strategy, etc. Personal information is NOT required and you can create a group for your tri-peaks club. I have used this in several games and it is a big help. I encourage all teammates to join even if they never post a word. It is another link in case something happens to your game.

The line app shows a white speech bubble with green background.


Also a big wish from me!