Constantly crashing

Every time I touch the screen for anything the game crashes .I cannot even play a game it just crashes half way through . I am so frustrated by the whole experience I am reloading every two minutes!, no point carrying on really !

@Carol_Lyndon, have you tried rebooting your device? If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game app.


I just started having problems today as well as other players. Could it just be down?

Me to I tried rebooting my device and reinstalling. Nothing works

Just now I got booted mid game & so I tried opening it again. Now it won’t even open, it just instantly disappears. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling & rebooted phone. I play on an IPhone 8 plus. @Carol_Lyndon @CindyLu @len

So, I think the game is down. Hopefully they get it back up soon or I’ll be going thru withdrawal LOL :rofl:

It’s happening to me too. I keep opening it and it closes immediately. Tried going through Facebook and it does the same thing. Deleted and reinstalled too.

Does anyone know how to report a problem without the help on the app?

If you have Google Chrome the latest update is causing the crash. I uninstalled Google chrome and the game played normal.


@Nayasan here is the email