Connecting to Facebook.

PLEASE ADVISE Me. What to do now.I put Facebook on my phone while in my Tripeak Game page I tapped connect to Facebook. THEN LOST EVERYTHING . I WAS ONLY Trying to do as recommended. Please advise on how to find my game.

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I found my game. but still unable to roll into My Facebook account. Will check back tomorrow.Thanks


@CindyLu. Can you help??

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Hi @CyndiJean, when you logged into FB on TP, it may have taken you to another TP account. Did it look like that to you?

And then to get your regular game back, did you log out of FB on TP?


@CindyLu, that is exactly what happened to a couple of people in my club, logging out to regain their progress. What do you suggest on how they can connect without losing everything?

This seems strange to me, and might be a glitch.

Let me see if I have this right. You (they) are in Tripeaks, they go to the Menu button, on the top left corner, then tap Logout, and they have all their progress? And when they Login, their progress is gone?

Everytime I created a new account, no matter how far I got in the game, when I tapped on the Menu button, and logged in to Facebook for the first time, it saved my progress.

Am I getting what’s happening right?

I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either, I’ve never had any problems. I have asked them to give me more info on exactly what they’re doing & what happens. I will update what is said.

I know one girl mentioned it asked if she wanted to overwrite her progress…unsure what she did but said she lost all her progress so she logged out of fb to get her progress back. It sounds as if she had previously logged into fb & now when reconnecting, it’s asking if she wants to overwrite. I would think if you say to overwrite, it’ll save her current progress? I’m not positive about the other girl, but she has now logged out of fb, so she should be asked the same question!!!

It’s frustrating because I’ve had no problems & cannot see what they’re doing (probably wrong) to try to help. Oh, and getting constant communication is tough, especially since they’re not on our fb group.

Once I have more info, I will be back! Thanks again.

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Too bad they are not in your FB group. If they were, they could send you screenshots. Yes, keep us posted. Also encourage them to contact customer service. Menu->Help->Contact Us. They can send screenshots there, and customer service will probably have a log of what is happening on their accounts.

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I am new and this just happened to me. I connected to facebook and created a login. I lost all my progress and it didn’t recognize my Club Membership. I joined my club again with the same username to see what would happen, and now “Ciadore” has 2 spots on the team, #2, my TP account with my progress, and #13, my newly created Facebook account. When I tried to logout of Facebook, I get a warning I will lose all my progress. I didn’t proceed because I didn’t want to risk losing my TP account. If anyone can advise on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!!Uploading: A3963471-94E6-428B-8CEC-8E2BB305BEC9.png...

Hi @Ciadore, welcome to the forum!

Let me see if I have this right:

You’ve been playing for at least a little while, and have progressed in the game and your club, without logging into Facebook before, right?

Then you created a Facebook account.

Then you went into the game, and told TriPeaks to log into your new Facebook account.

But then it started you over from the beginning of the game?

Is that right?

Look at this for me please: go into the game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner). The F for Facebook, does it say Log in, or Log out?

Nice to meet you CindyLu. Thank you for responding! It says log out on my profile.

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Nice to meet you too @Ciadore!
Ok. Logging in shouldn’t have made you start at the beginning again if you had never logged into FB before in the game. Do you have another FB account, or did you just create your first one?

It’s my personal Facebook account. It grabbed my profile pic from it…

Ok, but in your message above, you said you connected to facebook and created a login. Was that while you were in the game? And is that a separate login than your personal FB account?

Sent you a private message @Ciadore. If you haven’t found private messages yet, tap on your profile pic (top right), then the little envelope on the far right.

This happened to me too! Are you able to help me get my previous progress back?

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