Con"tributes" has one opening 😀

We are a very laid back team more concerned with completing all perks than rank. We ask for a minimum of 15,000 as early as possible and to let us know if you can’t make the minimum. The “letting us know” secures your spot. We have no daily minimum, don’t care if you do tributes or not, sometimes we chat and sometimes we don’t. We are a solid team with very little turnover. We get all 6 perks every week and the small 7th perk while usually ranking anywhere from 500 to 700 weekly. We want folks to stay and play! If we sound right to you, look us up! Con"tributes"


I would like to join. The club I joined is notvvery active and I miss out of a lot of team quest. If there is still an opening would you please consider me?

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Melissa, we dont have an opening and don’t anticipate one this week. But, go to our club site and request to join. When there is an opening, we would love to have you! Look around, there are tons of really good clubs out there. Don’t stay with one that is not right for you!

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