Completed Club Quest

I would like to recommend we get rid of the ‘daily chest unlocked’ checkbox and make it into a ‘club quest completed’ checkbox. It would greatly help leaders and co-leaders run their club better. Give credit to those who work harder on completing club quests.


Its been said time and time again that this needs to be changed. I send in a ticket requesting this often. If everyone would inundate them with these suggestions maybe eventually their ears will open up and hear us!


I’ve been doing the same thing. I try to get my teammates to do it too. 50% of them get the cq’s done every time.


Yes, I agree with this. I just sent this idea to them so it’s another request for them to ignore. GSN does nothing to make this game more enjoyable. Instead it seems they did more to make it more difficult.

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I don’t understand why people don’t check it, do they just not know? I don’t even know what is in it, never had enough people check!

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My club mates and I have also requested that many times to no avail. I agree, if we all inundate them, maybe they will appease us!

Even though I like this idea, there’s still no way of knowing for sure if club members complete the club quests!

It’s just the same as when anybody completes a daily quest like getting 10 Stars. You get rewarded. They already track how close you are to completing your clubquest and when you complete it you already get the green check mark. But you are the only one that can see that green check mark. But when you unlock the chest you have a green check mark besides your name where you can see all of the club members. That’s what I’m talkin about. So yes you can tell if somebody else completes the club quest. I also know computer programming and know that it wouldn’t take long to do something like this. Just a few changes in the code.


Where do I send a request?

When you are playing your game look to the upper left corner. You we’ll see a menu button. Press this and another screen will pop up. From here you press on the help button. This will take you to another browser page. From here you click on the contact us button. After this you will be directed to a form to fill out. This is where you put in your complaints and suggestions.

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I’d rather have this than the gift box check mark.

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Our team hasn’t either…no matter how much pleading a few of us do…the others don’t seem to understand what we’re talking about or just plain aren’t reading chat. We’re down to 13 players…trying to weed out the ones that won’t play for tributes and aren’t checking the box. I"ve played for well over a year and have as yet gotten the gift. So frustrating.!

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We seem to have a good group of players on my team. I don’t ask for much. Just 17 k a week + 1000 on Fridays. We also ask that you complete 75 tributes. And you cannot be idle over 24 hours. We do get rid of one person every now and then but for the most part 22 of us have been in this group for a while. But like you said. A lot of them don’t read chat. What

May i have an answer? Sombody knows how much club points we need to make the Perks?
Example: to terminate the perk 1you need… club points,thank you

Club points for perks generally stay the same but perk 6 seems to often change. I had a list but got rid of it because it kept changing. Perk 1 is usually 5k. Perk 2 is 15k. I forget the rest. lol

I think that would make it public who has maxed the quests.

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