Completed Bailey's Challenge, not given credit for winning 3 new games in a row

I got to stage 5 of 6 of Bailey’s challenge. I completed the first three levels of Tiki Skies in a row (new levels to me). For some reason the counter would never go above crediting me for one of the 3 wins. I definitely did them back to back with no failures (spent the coins to do it). I want my diamond chest!

Same thing happened to me - twice. First time I just lost 1 of the three, redid that, won all 3 and then it reset to show zero wins. I sent an email and I will leave the game if this isn’t rectified. It’s just not worth it if they don’t do the right thing

There are many people having the same or similar issues. Submit a ticket to let them know. Take screen shots if possible.

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I’ve submitted a ticket. THanks.

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Same here, I did submit a ticket, was told they are aware of it, have sent an Ancient chest to make up for it. I never got a chest, update ticket to say never got the chest.Then I’m told I didnt qualify! I screen shot the email to me,saying its their fault, the reply was " we sent that to everyone"… I submit another ticket asking for escalation to Superviser and am told I was able to play it fully!! Useless! I WAS AND AM JUST DONE AND OVER THIS! Just got another email asking how was the service?? Oh let me tell you … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The exact thing happened to me. They acknowledged I ran into a problem the 2nd day, when it was supposed to be over and the lost keys event replaced it. How can I be playing it if the event was over?

I’m expecting to get my 5th response from ‘Brian’ on Monday. We’ll see …

This happened to me but it didnt register that I w as s winning…I won required games in a row but it kept saying 0 of 4 or what ever , not the usual 1 of , 2 if, 3
I was at tiki skies …they said they would give me an ancient chest, then they said

I wasnt part of the MAXED levels group and it didnt happen to me!

I spent cash money buying coins and wild cards like an idiot.

I like my team MOLOKIA or I probably would have uninstalled the game.
Now they just ignore my emails.