Community Question: Thoughts on New Features? 2/25/2020

In the past few months, we’ve introduced a lot of new features, like the New Friend Center, the Scavenger Hunt, the Rescue Mission, and other new Events.

It’s time for a check in! How do you like the changes? What do you think we can improve? And is there anything you would you like to say to us?


I don’t care for the scavenger hunts. And really miss the weekly Match Game. Please bring that back.


Super :heart::heart::heart:
Prosimy o więcej zmian i więcej nagród :smile::heart_eyes:


I’d like to see better rewards for CQ that take a lot of effort to get done. Getting 1 thing for finishing is ridiculous. I’d like to also see more challenge in the play itself. Like earning things if we play all black AKQJ109. Or play a long run in one color. Also the quest tracking for solo player should be bigger than a quick look when checking CQ.


I am super happy to be back on 4 hour friends for coins!! Eight hour was killing me as a club leader. I love the game but I am not a fan of scavenger hunts, we do not play hunts. I do love the card game that pops up ever so often, wish it was up permanently in place of scavenger hunts. I also would love an emoji in game.
Happy Playing Everyone :slight_smile:


I like it all thanks


Don’t like scavenger hunts. Was part of testing group and said then not good. Don’t usually do them. The week day Poi captures for 2 wild cards cost to much, don’t do. Friend center is fine now that most everyone is back to 5 friends every 4 hours. Rescue games l have tried but because they don’t help my team l don’t usually do more than 1 or 2 games. The 4 day challenges l have done and do like.


I appreciate you putting the friend center back to normal.
I don’t like the scavenger hunt.
I don’t care for the rescue mission.
I don’t like that you have made the games harder with less payout.


I only like the new friend center. The Scavenger Hunt is too much work and not enough pay out. I just don’t see any use playing the rescue mission. Doesn’t help my team at all and everyone who has tried it says to stay away from it; so much am. The only other thing is give everyone back the old shrine. I still have the new one and others are saying that theirs was changed back to the original one. Thank y’all for asking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope to see changes for the better soon


The friends center testing was a nightmare, please don’t do that again. The rescue mission is a waste of coins. Club quests should be open the last half hour for all members to help finish it. My opinion.


Change the shrine back to the old one


The friends center is great, when it’s every 4 hours. I was one of the players who was impacted when you changed it to every 8 hours. That makes the feature little to no help at all. It is to long of a wait and offers no pay off. The scavenger hunt is a good idea, yet it costs way to many coins when doing the quests. Many games had zero cards needed in them for the scavenger hunt.


The scavenger hunt is terrible for those of us who cannot buy coins, wild and volcano cards or boosters. It is the one event that prevents us from getting the prize during a choose three events week. There is also no way to get boosters except the occasional trap torches. You took away the only opportunity to get some boosters when you changed the jackpot…it just isn’t fun, when there aren’t enough coins, completing a quest to win 500 coins. It is ridiculous when you have to spend thousands to win 500 and 1500.


I love them all. Nice changes.


The new changes has cause lots to stop playing,now we have lots of team short of players . Your daily club quest are a nightmare. The shrine , I was spending 20,000 coins daily not anymore and finally the friend share is a total joke and the scarvanger hunt is just a waste of time and coins :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


VHi, I think that the new features are wonderful. I really enjoy this game so much. Thank you.


I do not care for the Scavenger Hunts at all. The friend center I love but we should be able to ask for coins every 4 hours not 8 hrs like some players were! The rescue mission I love, it is so much fun. No more changes Please!!!


No one likes any of the changes ! Please we beg of you to undo all the changes you’ve made.
1-We want the old shrine back
2-bring back treasure mate weekly
3-bring back monthly bimonthly double gift day
4-do away with treasure hunt they take way to long to track down each level
5-undo changes to friend center
Lastly, I love this game and want to count in playing with my awesome club but if these changes are not fixed you’ll lose lots of player sooner then later.
Thank you for reaching out and I hope to see these changes soon !
Best, Greg.


Have not seen anyone mention the crappy shrine changes yet!


I don’t like the new shrine! Please change it back or change to a new one. Also it is not fair to play so long on club quest and just get a shark hook or 2 wilds or something small like that.