Community Question: New Features!

We’ve had quite a few updates to the game in the past month and a half, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Club Tournaments, World 4: Tiki Paradise, the new Island Selector, and even the recent contests here on the fan page! Please leave your feedback below!


New features but I find that we are winning less coins both when we win and when we loose. Loosing a game that cost 3k to ply while leaving just a couple of cards left and getting a whopping 50 coins as as a win is NOT progress nor acceptable.


They are not bad , the only thing I have is I do not get coins or anything,on about half of these things I answer


The team quests are good but some of the rewards are not worth the play required, also it would be nice as leaders to be able to skip over some quests. With the quests make it so the leaders see who have maxed. When playing in expert levels and you go to check on quests you then have to go thru all islands to get back to expert level.


Feel like you’re just looking for players to spend more money


Honestly don’t mind the changes. But I am hearing that some people are getting better items in their store (gems) such as the ability to purchase wilds. Needs to be fair across the board.


I really like being able to access the islands; that’s a great feature. I like the club tournament, but wish we’d win more gems snd less coins. There are many ways to earn coins, not so many ways to earn gems. However, why tell me I can check out a new island, when I can’t? Presumably it’s because I haven’t gotten that far into the game. Also the matching game, I refuse to play. It’s not designed to give us a chance to win; it’s designed to get me to spend money. I’d rather buy club gifts than waste my money on the matching game.
I’d like to suggest [again] a “top” three club box option. Highest earner 1 volcano card, 2nd a couple wild cards, 3 a single wild card and a nominal amount of coins (3000-5000). As a team leader, I’d like to be able to reward those in the top three to promote some healthy competition amongst my teammates.


We(the club I’m in) are enjoying the club tourneys, and I’m loving the new island hopper! It makes things so much easier.


I like the new island hopping update, it’s so much easier and quicker. Also, the little mini game that we played yesterday by matching cards was a lot of fun!


Updates are made, but what about fixing the bugs first? Not rewarding club points for levels completed, freezing issues, the game randomly booting you out? How about the fact that it’s become incredibly difficult to win a level without wilds?


Love Club Tournaments!

Tiki Paradise is going to take some getting use to, but I think I’ll like it - didn’t like not having Poi though.

Love Island Selector! Much easier to navigate.

I like the new club store for purchasing coins, volacanos, wilds and packages. Has a better selection and very tempting as a selling point.

What I’d like to see:
Rewards for top 3 or even 5 players within each club within diamond and legend leagues. I believe that if there was an incentive for top 5 or top 3 players more players would play and possibly buy and spend more to be ones to win these rewards. (Ex. #5 & #4 get 20k, while #3 gets 50k, #2 gets wood chest and #1 gets gold). Ive had a lot of members ask if there were rewards for top 3 contributors, and I felt bad telling them unfortunately not.

Id also like to see a revision with the Club Quests. The rewards are not worth what it takes to complete the quest. Please look into better rewards on these…I know for a fact I will spend real money on certain things for this game, but I want to be sure my real money on a game, it’s going to be worth my while :slight_smile:


I like the club tournaments but it should only go for a month it getting old and take to mini coins trying to beat the other team I like winning the gem.

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I “WISH” we could buy free plays, volcano cards and wild cards with coins. But reasonably priced not $3000 or $6000. Most people CAN NOT afford to spend real money for a game especially when most of the levels are impossible to win unless you spend so many extra coins for more cards. You guys are sucking all the fun out of the game with the greediness. REAL close to just playing another game instead of this one.


Like the invite to the new island but not having to pay for it I’ll wait to get there on my own


You really aren’t forced to play the quest. If you are playing the game, and I assume that’s why you are in the game, the quests are just a nice bonus. It doesn’t matter how much of a reward you get, you get something you didn’t have before. I don’t understand why people complain about the quest, they are rewarding you for playing. If you fail to get the quest, you didn’t loss anything. Just play the game and find something else to bitch about


I found it crazy that you can only get 20 player’s coins why you don’t make it to 50. That’s fair enough. And winning is hard lately. Wen you hit 5 extra card and not win on the first hand, and you loose also on the second 5 extra card it cost to much. Fix this please. I love this game to much. So that’s my feedback.Thank you


Paradise… Tiki Paradise that is. I sort of love it… and sort of wish that since we are playing two cards at a time… Maybe. Maybe just a thought… we could get double cards. I mean we are using then up pretty quick. So give it a thought Tripeaks… Give us more bang for our buck…lol
But I do like it alot… Take me away Tripeaks… Take me away to Paradise…


Where is this new club store that people are talking about? I’ve not seen it…also it seems as though some of the club quest, although it’s nice to complete them, just getting 1 wild card as the prize send a little to little…just saying


It has been impossible to win games, we are losing a lot of members due to frustration!
I am not enjoying the game as I used to. Many of the updates are great but always out of coins and losing most games is frustrating.


It’s just nice to be able to advance to next quest if its obvious that quest is not going to be completed right now that is not an option