Community Question for June 11, 2019!

In the past year, we’ve introduced a lot of new features, like Leagues, the new Island Selector, Club Notes, Star Bonus, Treasure Match, new Events, and a few others to improve your Club and play experience.

It’s time for a check in! How do you like the changes? What do you think we can improve? And is there anything you would you like to say to us?

Please leave your feedback below! Thank you!


Games harder to win and perhaps more free daily coins


Heel erg leuk spel.
Fijn om met andere mensen samen te spelen.


I like the choose of three events.
I don’t like that the GSN suitcase still doesn’t work


The changes are a welcome way to earn bonuses. However, they are completely USELESS of the game will not load. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times in the last week, I have been removed from 2 clubs lost about 10 bonus log ins and numerous other bonuses. I’m just about sick of it and about to take my money elsewhere. I sent an email a week ago and still no response. I guess you don’t care if I play or not.


I like that choice of three events. I like the new ways to get to the different worlds. I absolutely hate the medallion slot on the treasure game. It’s a total waste of time.


Please, please, please change the club gift check box to a club quest completion check box. This would be most helpful!


I like the leagues because it gives more people a chance to win points and special cards. Would like to see chance to buy double gift boxes more often, like maybe the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month. I appreciate the smaller groups for earning extra wild cards and that sometimes you need A’s or K’s not just number of wins. The idea of pick 3’s is great so I can decide what to play for. Would like to see maybe one day a month be momo all day instead of just 30 minutes. Also, it takes 2-3 minutes to do general house keeping when I sign in, let the “free play, momo, gold tiki, start 5 minutes After I check in or let me say, “now start my free…”


The freezing up of the game has to be fixed the videos are awful it takes 4ever to get through them they always say videos are not avaible at this time and after you get through the first 5 one hour later the videos pay Jack scrap we put money into this game and get nothing back love my team but getting very annoyed with all I have I have lost not fair !!!


I did an update to the red boat app and then had to re-install it and now it works starting today


I feel your pain. Their canned answers of, reboot or remove and reinstall are for the birds!


I love having new features of the game but the old features have bugs that still need to be worked out


It would be nice if we could gift coins or boosters etc. within our club(what we have already earned).


I like the teams because not everyone wins games and the ability to share information is great. The expense of the games verses the amount earned ever 20 minutes is rough if your having a bad game day. Less expensive games and buying tools


I love treasure match-especially when it’s free :rofl:
Love the three choice events
Love the new Island layout
Not so bothered about the star chests
Ad glitches mean i barely watch them
It’d be nice if you accidently click a booster going to open a game you could unselect it again.
Get rid of the magic eye. Even as a new player i found it off putting.


More ways to earn coins and boosters would be awesome.


New club quests would be nice.
I liked the winning in a row personal quests for diamond chests. They were challenging :grin: would rather they came back than star chests


I love playing but.we.need more free coins and easier games


Like the notes features.
Love the 3 choices for challenges shame we can’t do all 3 though 1 at a time of coarse.
Why can’t you move Poi around could be anywhere would be great.
What you can improve is the club quests where everyone who completes can click the button at the side so we can see who is completing them on a regular basis and who’s not. Also if we had 3 choices of the level for club quests 15 players, 18 players or 22.
Also the free plays we should be able to bank them and use at a later date.
Also you started to tell us there was stuff on the fb page but then it stopped. Why?