Communicating within clubs

Can anyone explain how we use the Club Inbox? We are also wondering if there is a way to send individual messages to members. Any advice on managing a club and motivating them and getting them to participate in discussions would be appreciated. Thanks.


We basically use our inbox to tell newbies what’s expected or to let people know when others are out so they know why points might be minimal for a day or two. We use game chat to chat back and forth with teammates and also to let the team know when you’ve completed your portion of the club quest!

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Thank you for your reply.
I do not know how leave a message in our club inbox? If you have time to explain I would be grateful. We use the chat and the announcements but I am not sure if anyone bothers to read them. No wi

If your club is ‘invite only’ then the club inbox is where you will see people requesting to join your club. If co-leaders invite people to join the club then they can only ‘recommend’ people to join and if people accept they will then appear in the club inbox and the leader and co-leaders can accept or decline the request to join.

There is no way of messaging individual members, which is annoying! Only way is via chat or you could create a team FB page and invite your team to join and you can chat that way and share tips etc.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the message and info. It is nice to know what the inbox is for but it seems sadly underutilized. We have left Team Notes and we (Myself and the Co-Leaders) have posted in chat and not once has anyone responded to messages or notes. It is clear to us that no one reads anything we put, and nothing we do makes a difference. We have purchased team gifts multiple times and then posted that we will buy more when people introduce themselves in the chat etc but still nothing. We have no way of asking them to click and open the gem reward or or ask them or discuss what quests we will all work on so many things aren’t done or benefits taken advantage, which is the whole point of the team.

We are seriously beginning to wonder if it is even working and they even see it.

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I apologise that these responses are out of sync … Both advice posts provide different functions and capabilities so now I am even more confused :face_with_monocle:

If the leaders and co leaders can see each other’s messages then likely everything is working and the rest of the team just don’t know about or care to respond to chat.

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You could put in your club motto “must read and respond in chat” or tell them you want each member to state in chat when they have maxed their club quest and if they don’t they will be removed. We always send a “Welcome (member name)” when new people join.

Thanks I have tried this … Finally two team members chatting a few times in addition to myself and the two Co-Leaders … Thanks for all the advice guys x