Come join perk busters

Looking for players who read chat, complete club quests and play regularly.

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Hiya Kelly Although my coins are low at the mo. I usually hit around 20/25/35K a week, but the thing is with my group there is NO CHAT - It doesn’t just to say Hello! Then also I think I’m abit of an outcast because I complete every Club Quest and in one in particular we needed one more person to finish it - I said “Come on guys we can do it!!” One outta many had 0 Tributes a few had less than 10 i had over 250 by this stage so I simply said said “guys member the Tributes are also worth pts for Perks too, if any1 needs help give me a shout” What an uproar!! Admittedly I’m NOT a Leader or a Co-Leader so I should mayb hve shut up but I said it politely an decently I’m not an ignorant person (unless I’m really angry lol) But there was an uproar - I was the worst in the world so since then I hvent spoke ONE WORD I hate it. I don’t feel welcome I’m hitting top3 every wk. This wk I was 3rd - Not one word of Congrats. I just can’t find that happy medium club, I love​:sparkling_heart:perk 6 but it’s the last perk so we never get it. I’ve learned if no-one else is aiming for it Why should I waste all my coins when no-one else cares. Wow So Sorry i know you didn’t ask for an Essay I think I needed to get tht off my chest I’m Sorry I burdened you!! I just would love a friendly Club with not too much pressure and also send Gifts. What time zone are you all from? I’m from N. Ireland. Anyway if I sound like a fit for ur Club give me a shout:-) I’ve maybe Scared you off completely :fearful:

@Kelly_Walker Forgot to tag you lol Have A Great Day!

Hey @Rowena_Gmer please feel free to join our club, you sound like a good fit and just what we are looking for! We don’t always win the quests but we are working on that and looking for people who contribute. We have a pretty good team but need just a few more like you to make it better. Do I need to invite you, how does it work? I am from NZ, there are a few from the states and I am unsure where else. Not everyone uses chat in our group either.

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@Kelly_Walker - Hiya hun …Hope you are wellThanks for the
invitation. You can either send me one I’m