Come join Lava K’s & Q’s

Looking to join an Active club then come join Lava K’s & Q’s :spades:️:heart:️
We are currently looking for 3 Players.
Club Requirements:
2,000k pts. Before idle
35,000k pts. Min before Events end
Must collect tributes
2 day idle only! unless you notify us in chat box you need longer.
We are currently Rank 6 in the Gold leaderboard.
Search for us and click Join we will love to have You :slight_smile:


i searched and could not find you, but i am interested!

What Club are you currently in?
I can look it up and send You an invite.
Did You type in under the Discover part of the game Lava K’s and Q’s?
If Your still interested give me Your Current Clubs name and I’ll send You an invite :blush: