Come and Play looking for new members

We would like to be more competitive, but don’t want to take the fun out of the game. It’s a game, not a full time job lol. We are a gold level team. We are looking for dedicated, daily players. We do not have a minimum set right now. We’re a public team and looking for strong players to make our 25 before we go to invite only. Tributes are a MUST! Newbies must collect 1k before idle. We ask that you follow perk order. If you idle more than 24 hours you will be removed unless you let me or the leader know ahead of time. I try to greet every new player, but for some reason they never read the club notes where our club rules are. I even let new players know to check out our club notes and to follow the rules. I even changed our motto to let new players know exactly what is expected. We would like players who chat and share tips, tricks, opinions and ask questions. This may be an individual game, but you’re still part of a team and I think if we chat and play as a team, we will win as a team. If this sounds like a team you’d like to join, please come find us. Team name is Come and Play. I look forward to seeing some new team members. Happy playing!!

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