Come and Play looking for members

We would like to be more competitive, but don’t want the game to feel like a job. We have no minimum set as of yet. We do require that you play tributes, newbies must collect 1k before going idle, 24 hour idle limit unless you let the leader or co-leader know in advance that you won’t be able to play for more than 24 hours. We’re also looking for players that will chat it up. I feel like myself and the leader are the only ones that post comments and chat. We are currently a public team until we find those consistent players that can contribute. The hours before a tournament ends we have to watch our leaderboard for those ppl joining at the last minute trying to just rack up the rewards that the team has worked hard for. Comment here or come and find us in the clubhouse under Discover and look for Come and Play. Hope to see you join soon.


Hello my name is Rose I would love to download the game again and play cause I love the game. The team I was on kicked me off. I wasnt one of the top players, but I always got 300 or more tributes. I played all the time but dont have the money to buy cards and stuff to help your points go up. Always went to facebook and got cards and coin so I could keep playing. I like texting and meeting new people, I want to play to have fun and enjoy the game. If I sound like some one u would like on your team let me know and I will download it again. Thanks hope to hear from u soo

Hi, Rocoyote! Thanks for responding. We’d love to have you join our team. My last team was a great team with a great leader, but I too got booted off bc I wasn’t able to play for a cpl of days. I learned a lot from that leader. I used to have problems all the time with not being able to accumulate coins so I cd keep playing. Join our team and follow club rules, you will find those under club notes. I’ll be more than happy to speak with you one-on-one in FB messenger and share some tips with you about how to improve your game so you can accumulate plenty of coins to play without running out of coins. We’re trying to build a team of strong players and once we get committed players we will change our public status to invite only. Please find us and join the team. I look forward to seeing you join the team!!