Come and Play looking for dedicated players

Please join our team! We were Platinum League and dropped to Gold this past tourney. We have 10-12 strong and consistent players, but we’re looking for more of our kind. We stayed competitive in Platinum League with our minimum requirements and would love to make it back to Platinum League this tourney. We do have Sunday requirements to weed out those who aren’t serious about playing, but they are very obtainable minimums. REQUIREMENTS: Tributes=MUST/minimum 250 tributes wkly/10k by Sunday midnight/minimum 20k wkly/idle 24hrs=GOODBYE/New members 2k and tibutes b4 idle or GOODBYE. Read chat daily and read club notes. If you know you will be idle more than 24 hours, please contact me or my co-leader. You will not be penalized unless it becomes a reoccurring theme. I try to reward the team as much as I can when we have a great tourney or when everyone meets Sunday requirements or sometimes just because I want to. We do like to chat and I encourage all members to read through chat daily for important info, tips, tricks, and strategies we share with each other. All VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGES are listed under Club Notes. If you think you can meet requirements and want to join a team that is headed back to Platinum and beyond, Come and Play welcomes you with open arms.

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