Come and join us

Merry’s Misfits is looking for players. Play every day, go for those Tributes, play Club Quests, unlock Club Gifts, and something we are loving is the Club Competition, work as a team and COMMUNICATE with that one! We have a lot of fun with it. Every team has rules that we all know, I have adults that use common sense, and don’t need a babysitter. I mean, if you don’t want to play, why are you here, right? I won’t allow anyone to take advantage of our team, we ALL play, we ALL get the rewards. Simple. So if you are simple (LOL) come and join Merry’s Misfits. (Regarding the name: some players found us under Merry’s Misfits, and some found us under Merrys Misfits) We only have 12 players at the moment, it’s a new team, and honestly, I haven’t been searching for other members as I should have been. We have been getting 5 chest every week, with our 12 players. Let’s make this a fun, and
caring team!!