"Collectors" - Don't be one!

So I have a beef with collectors and tonight I saw the worst. A player has created their own team where they are the only player. They have been idle for 5 hours and have not played a single game since reset. This same player dropped into our top 10 diamond club and then left again. They did this twice within a short period of time. This is what is called a collector. Someone who wants to build their stash without playing any games. Some might even play one game to put a number on the board so they can collect if they are fortunate enough to be around when a club quest is finished.

I know I cannot influence everyone and there will always be people who take advantage of the work of others, but I hope that some may think twice about this behaviour. Serious players and teams spend a lot of time playing to earn the perks and club quests. It is inappropriate for players to pop in to a high performing team with their only intention to collect on perks and quests they were not part of building. If the club is public, it is because we really want to welcome new players. Being on a high performing team is a lot of work, but a lot of fun so if you are willing to put in the work, we are very happy to welcome you - if not, please stay away.


If we have an opening, our leader turns us private on Wednesdays. We have been visited by collectors also.


We are invite only, and we still get people who come in then leave shortly after. All they have to do is post in chat that the club rules aren’t to their liking and we won’t think Ill of them.

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There are sadly many of these. Wish we could block them.

If they come in once … make sure not to accept again and keep
It on invite only should help.

You can always open to public and reclose to invite only if you have the glitch where people are still coming in.

Keep a list for your leaders & co-leads also. This is what most teams do.

Wishing you good luck

We also are mostly invite only. Hoping to encourage the more innocent players that this is not appropriate behaviour.

Erin is the WORST of them all!