Collecting Red Stars

I looked at my total for a quest I am currently working on and it said 11. I played and won 2 games getting all 3 stars for both games but my total only shows 14 now. I should have 17. Is anyone once having this issue?

If you use a red star booster and get all 3 stars for 2 games, the most you can get is 12 red stars. I am confused…

I am confused with this too. I just played two more games and got 4 more stars—2 for each game—so my total should be 21. I have not played a red star booster for any of this.


I don’t know what is going on. If these people running this game are going to make changes they should tell people. Greedy as can be already. I just played a game with a booster and only got credit for one star when It shows I got two so it should have given me 4 stars.

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If you are a tester, the information would most likely be in your inbox, but this just sounds like an glitch! The only way to get double red stars is by activating the red star booster. Not activated winning a game achieving all stars is 3, using the booster would be a max of 6 red stars


It was a glitch. It got fixed.


Good to know, thanks for the update. ; )