Coins free play and momo

I think for coin posts we should recieve more than 5k especially considering all the glitches and links not working ir links we click on but have not been able to collect on and if we are given more coins we can play a bit longer or have a day of week or something where each level is half the price as it normally would be. I would also like to kniw how the heck does someone get the jackpot with the medallion coin drop ? I have yet to get it and am a very committed player every day for hours on end normally when i can if i have the coins and free plays to do so. I also feel the 30 min free play or 30 min momo cards should be longer due to all the ads. I think the ads are ridiculous since the update and we dont get as many videos and such to get coins


I’ve had a LOT of problems collecting the free coins after I watch their adds. Frequently ( actually every day when I play) I watch and gets ripped off at least 2-4 times a day. Then it counts (uncollected adds)those against the maximum amount of adds which you receive free coins per day! It’s very frustrating!