Coins for solitaire

I have been playing for quite some time and I have also noticed that there are times if I have upwards of 60,000 plus coins it’s already 3,000 coins to play a game usually or $2,850 if you have the tiki however I’ve gotten down to the last card and bought five extra cards up to $15,000 coins so $6,912,015,000 coins and still never got the one card this happens to me daily please there has to be a way to make it not so expensive


Don’t buy more cards it’s impossible to recoup what you spend in buying more cards, much cheaper to end the game and start again


Don’t buy cards - simple as that, certainly not for a few rounds. You’ll be surprised then when you play again, it’s “ forgotten “ you are happy to buy them ! Well that what I found.

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True,cards really can rack up! Play monkey island number 1. The game is 300 coins usually 10 club points and you get to see the flying monkeys:)