Coins and free cards. Help out



I have seen several posts & comments from you wanting free stuff or how do get free stuff. Do you realize that this forum isn’t run by the game developers? It’s just fellow fans of the game here!! :blush:

There are no free coins or free cards to be doled out by anyone, but you can share coins with your fb friends, up to 60k/day, which equates to 20 people. There’s plenty of fb coin sharing pages set up that you can request friends from.

Happy playing!


There have been a couple posts asking how to get around this game since I am new to gaming in general. This is one of a few games I started playing to get to understand it so not looking to cross lines. Someone listed a request for points and someone asked them to friend them on fb- that’s why I was asking. No harm in that- isn’t that part of the fun too? So thank you for letting me know to look elsewhere to make those types of requests.

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